Wednesday, 4 November 2020

5 Reasons Why We Should Define Our Success by the Amount We Smile

Define our success by the amount we smile! That just sounds weird, right? For all of us, success means different things. Some of the different definitions of success I've heard include:

Having a great career

Being a leader in my field

Driving a certain type of car

Raising 2 well adjusted young kids

Having a great relationship with my partner

The list is endless but my question is why do we want to these things? What does being successful give us? Ask yourself this question. If success for you means having a great career, ask why. You might say, so you can have more money. Great, ask why again and keep asking until you get to the end and the end will be something like, "So I feel good about myself" or "So I feel happy" or some version of this. Happiness and feeling good are the fundamental reasons why people want success. Try this for yourself and you'll see what I mean. Just remember to keep going until you reach an emotion because there is always an emotional reason behind every major endeavour. So if after working hard, tirelessly chasing success, all we want is happiness, why don't we start with the end in mind? Why not start with working out what will make us happy, fulfilled and allow us to smile more and then structure our life accordingly? Let's look at 5 reasons why should define our success by the amount we smile.

When we are able to genuinely smile, we're in a better frame of mind. So the challenges of life just seem easier. When you're feeling good and someone cuts you off in traffic, it's not such a big deal. But when you're already stressed and someone cuts you off in traffic, well, it's the start of an explosion isn't it? So look for ways to feel good.

When you do something you enjoy and you're happy to do it, aren't you more likely to do more? Absolutely. In fact, being happy and in a positive frame of mind increases your productivity. Let's just say your hobby is playing golf and you are far more passionate about golf than you are about your job. I bet you 8 hours on the golf course will go much faster than 8 hours at work. Why? Because you enjoy it. So ask yourself this question: best dentist Mequon Wi What could I do to make twice my annual income while doing something I enjoy? The answer may not come immediately but as you think about it, you will end up coming up with a variety of different options. Then look at what action steps you can take to make this new line of work a reality.

People who smile more and are genuinely happy have better relationships! Think about it, when you're smiling and when you're happy, your relationships naturally just seem to work better don't they? If you're constantly stressed and under pressure, do you really feel like being romantic or dealing with your child's issue at school? No, instead most people wish the world would just leave them alone and instead tune out by watching some mindless television.

Happier people are healthier and generally have more energy. Whenever you're in a positive mood, don't you just seem to have more energy? It's like kids when they are about to go on holiday; they are up early that morning and are so excited about the trip ahead. Imagine waking up every day with that level of energy and enthusiasm.

Happier people achieve more in life. Most of us try to achieve so that we can be happy and we associate hard work with being serious. I know I did. Instead, aim to be happy first. Find a reason to be happy and don't tell me you don't have a reason to be happy because if you're able to read this article, then you definitely have plenty of reasons to be happy. And if you can't be happy, start with grateful. Ask yourself what you could be grateful for because happiness often starts with gratitude.

So instead of determining your level of success by some external measure, judge your success by how much you smile. Ask yourself, what could you change right now to increase the level of happiness in your life and I promise that as you focus on what makes you genuinely happy, as you focus on smiling more in life, you will naturally become more relaxed, more productive and ultimately more successful.

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